Welcome back to the 2020 Football Recruiting Big Board! In case you missed it, make sure to check out Brendan’s comprehensive initial Big Board update. He mentioned that we’d start with defense on two week rotations. However, we’re going to go ahead with offense since there are currently more developments on that side of the ball. Let’s get started!

Position 247C First Name Last Name Temp
OG 0.9583 Andrew Raym Cold
OG 0.9252 Geirean Hatchett Cold
OG 0.8863 Reece Atteberry Mild
OT 0.9754 Andrew Gentry Mild
OT 0.9502 Chad Lindberg Cold
OT 0.9416 Michael Carmody Mild+
OT 0.9233 Roger Rosengarten Cold
OT 0.9207 Zak Zinter Mild+
OT 0.8992 Jake Wray Cold
OT 0.8800 Jonah Monheim Cool
RB 0.9987 Zachary Evans Cold
RB 0.9913 Kendall Milton Cold
RB 0.9861 Bijan Robinson Cold
RB 0.9834 MarShawn Lloyd Cold
RB 0.9831 Chris Tyree Mild+
RB 0.9762 Daniyel Ngata Cold
RB 0.9736 Tank Bigsby Cold
RB 0.9415 Kalel Mullings Mild
RB 0.9372 Seth McGowan Cold
RB 0.9329 Lawrance Toafili Cold
RB 0.9243 Michael Drennen Mild
RB 0.9202 Tirek Murphy Mild
RB 0.8981 DeaMonte Trayanum Mild
RB 0.8889 Jutahn McClain Cool
RB 0.8789 Kyle Edwards Mild
RB 0.8728 Cullen Coleman Mild
RB 0.8577 Kobe Pryor Cold
RB 0.8516 Trey Benson Cold
WR 0.9977 Julian Fleming Cold
WR 0.9874 Johnny Wilson Cold
WR 0.9803 Marcus Rosemy Cold
WR 0.9740 Jalen McMillan Mild
WR 0.9641 Gary Bryant Cold
WR 0.9572 AJ Henning Mild
WR 0.9522 Troy Omeire Cool
WR 0.9370 Michael Redding Mild
WR 0.9139 KeAndre Lambert Cold
WR 0.9098 Marvin Mims Cold
WR 0.9019 Daniel Jackson Cool
WR 0.9000 Maliq Carr Cold
WR 0.8925 Bryce Gowdy Cold
WR 0.8839 Elijah Canion Cold
WR 0.8728 Xavier Watts Mild
WR 0.8700 William Nixon Cool



Commits: Drew Pyne, 0.9329
Slots: 1

Tight End

Commits: Michael Mayer, .9499; Kevin Bauman, 0.9214
Slots: 2

Running Back

Commits: None
Slots: 1-2

The RB Big Board has to start with none other than Chris Tyree. As mentioned in the previous update, Tyree visited Oklahoma in April, and initial reports were that Oklahoma took the lead in his recruitment. However, since then ND has gained tremendous momentum yet again, and the Irish feel better than ever about landing the 5-star RB. Lance Taylor and Chip Long have done a fantastic job up to this point, and they are closing in on a crown jewel after visiting him this week. Tyree is scheduled to officially visit on June 21st. Oklahoma and Alabama are the remaining competitors.

Although seemingly a long shot, 5-star Marshawn Lloyd recently mentioned that he hopes to check out Notre Dame. If Lance Taylor can get him on campus, that would be impressive on its own. Lance Taylor is continuing to build a relationship, so we will see what happens.

It has long been assumed that the Irish want two RB’s in this class. However, recent speculation is that the staff may be fine with just Tyree if they do end up landing him. The other best bets to join this class are Cullen ColemanTirek Murphy, or Kyle Edwards. Coleman is also scheduled to officially visit on June 21st.

Wide Receiver

Commits: Jordan Johnson, 0.9794
Slots: 3

The 2020 WR Big Board right now is centered around four major names: Jalen McMillan, AJ Henning, Michael Redding, Xavier Watts. The ND staff would be ecstatic if they could land any two of these four, and they realistically could do so.

As a Notre Dame fan, it is safe to be weary of a Fresno kid who is also strongly looking at Oklahoma. With that being said, the coaching staff is feeling pretty good right now about their chances with McMillan. In fact, they even have a connection of their own! McMillan’s coach’s daughter attended ND and was a trainer for the football team. This recruitment isn’t close to over, but the Irish are in a strong spot for another near 5-star WR.

It is only May 2019, but it feels like AJ Henning’s recruitment has already lasted a lifetime. Since the beginning of the year, he has taken visits to Michigan, Illinois, Georgia, Clemson, Alabama, Louisville, and Illinois again. But…. after all of that, ND is trending in the right direction again and leads in his recruitment. We’ll see what happens, but the coaching staff would love to have his commitment by the end of August.

Since the last update there is not much new information on Redding or Watts, but they remain high on ND’s priority list. Redding could potentially be visiting in June.

Offensive Line

Commits: Tosh Baker, 0.9672
Slots: 3

The most important news since the last update is the commitment of OT Tosh Baker. He fills a massively important position need and has as high of a ceiling as any tackle in the nation. It is another terrific pick-up from Jeff Quinn.

In other news, Jimmy Christ is no longer on the board as he committed to Virginia last week. Virginia was his first offer and his older brother Tommy is a defensive end on the team.

The newest addition to the board is Michael Carmody. If the last name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the brother of freshman basketball player Robby Carmody. Notre Dame was a little later to offer Carmody than the likes of Michigan, Ohio State, and Virginia Tech, but they will be tough to beat due to his connections and familiarity with the university. He profiles as a tackle at the college level.

Peter Skoronski committed to Northwestern and is off the board.

Finally, the Irish will likely look for one interior lineman in this class, and the leading candidates are Zak Zinter and Reece Atteberry. Zinter will likely end up at Michigan, Ohio State, or Notre Dame. For Atteberry, Ohio State would be a main competitor if they pushed. Both plan to officially visit on the June 21st weekend.


Notre Dame couldn’t ask to be in a better spot with offensive recruiting. If the June recruiting weekend goes well, they could have their offensive board nearly wrapped up in the middle of summer, with truly elite players scattered throughout.

The Defensive Big Board will be here in two weeks, so stay tuned for more (hopefully) positive news soon!