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People who know me best say that I'm sociable, have a dry sense of humor, a predilection for useless trivia, and can obsess about meaningless details. I'm happily married to a woman who thankfully still hasn't figured out that I married up, and we have three great kids, all boys who are trying to destroy our house in stages. They're quite efficient at it, too. In what time I have left over after the various cleanup efforts, I'm a sports nut, a science geek, an unabashed Shakespeare lover, and an aspiring 50-state marathoner.

2021 Football Recruiting: Offense Big Board Launch

The clocks have jumped ahead, the weather inches ever warmer, the birds warble their reveille once again. You know what that means - time to revive the Big Board! YEAH BUDDY! Huh? Spring, you say? Oh... Well, I guess it's a sign of that too. We hadn't noticed. Nice. In more significant news, we welcome [...]

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Put It In The Books: Closing Out the 2019 Preseason Predictions

My father once said that the definition of mixed feelings is watching your mother-in-law drive off a cliff in your new Cadillac. That feels like an apt description of Notre Dame's 2019 season - it was mostly very good, but the Caddy went careening over the precipice in Ann Arbor and it's impossible for that [...]

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2019 Playoff Big Board: Conference Championship Week

See? I told you Alabama wasn’t going to be in the playoff... The board cleared up considerably this week, and with only a handful of true contenders left we can now get a lot more serious about projecting playoff scenarios. Without the Tide. Heh. The "538 conference championship win probability" is taken from the nifty [...]

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Week 12 Win Probability Matrix Update

Well... That was fun. Remember that all advanced stats models include adjustments for garbage time, which is defined differently in each model but basically means being up by enough that both teams will change the way they're playing; by any definition, Notre Dame reached garbage time before the half against Navy. What the Irish did [...]

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Week 11 Win Probability Matrix Update

Credit to the Irish for rebounding with a huge win over a mid-level opponent - the mistakes that plagued them against Virginia Tech were largely eliminated against Duke, and accordingly the Duke game went the way the Virginia Tech game should've. That was the first truly stress-free performance for Notre Dame in five weeks, and [...]

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Playoff Big Board: Week 11

This is the first week for the official College Football Playoff committee rankings. Hey, SMU and Appalachian State have been cruising - let's discuss the probability that a Group of 5 team will finally make it into the playoff! The final two G5 undefeateds fell this weekend, so that was fun while it lasted. Possible [...]

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Grad Transfer Isaiah Pryor Commits to Notre Dame

In a huge development for the 2020 depth chart, former Notre Dame target and current Ohio State Buckeye Isaiah Pryor announced his intent to transfer to Notre Dame after this season. The Irish pursued Pryor heavily in high school, first at Georgia's Pace Academy and later at IMG, but lost out to the bright lights [...]

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