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Torn on These Notre Dame Schedules

Recently, Notre Dame finalized the next 3 seasons worth of football schedules and they caused a bit of a stir. As I've been want to do in the pre-bowl run up I decided to sit on this topic and mull things over for a bit. This was an especially important topic to do so because [...]

By | December 11th, 2017|Football|21 Comments

Five Wide Fullbacks: Coaching Jobs Filling Fast

Welcome back to the latest edition of Five Wide Fullbacks! Today we will discuss the shrinking of Notre Dame's recruiting class, ranking the new college football coaching hires, the best under-the-radar bowl teams, misconceptions about the Irish, and updates to the infamous Top 75 Losses in Notre Dame History. 1 Notre Dame lost a commit [...]

By | December 7th, 2017|18S Reads|31 Comments

Uniform Concept: Layden Throwback

Today marks our 27th uniform concept for Notre Dame football and this will be the first of a multi-concept run from our graphic designer partner Clint Glaze. He's going to show off several concepts based on uniforms of Irish past. In terms of uniforms, the late Elmer Layden era at Notre Dame during the closing [...]

By | December 5th, 2017|Football|4 Comments

Ranking the Bowl Games

The bowl season is set and so is the 4th edition of the College Football Playoff. In the end, the Crimson Tide get the controversial 4th seed over Ohio State as the committee just couldn't overlook that 31-point loss to Iowa. Ultimately, this means Alabama lost their final game of the season, didn't win their [...]

By | December 3rd, 2017|Football|128 Comments

Uniform Concept: Tropical Irish

Today we move on to our 26th uniform concept for Notre Dame football. You may have noticed to this point that we're definitely stepping outside the box with some of these and one of the many ways to produce different concepts is to mess around with combinations of shades of colors. Today's effort is messing [...]

By | November 29th, 2017|Football|10 Comments

Top 11+2+3 Poll, You Were Bad & Week 14 Preview

While we sit and wait for Notre Dame's bowl game to be announced we will satisfy ourselves with an enticing weekend of conference championship matchups. There's still much jockeying to go before the last College Football Playoff poll is announced next week. Top 11 1 Oklahoma (+1, 11-1, 59-31 W vs. West Virginia) The Sooners [...]

By | November 28th, 2017|Football|12 Comments

Stanford Review: Hope is a Dangerous Thing

It was another annoying loss to Stanford dropping Notre Dame from a wind-in-their-sails 10-2 season and NY6 bowl appearance to a horrible taste in the mouth 9-3 season and a forgettable second-tier bowl game. This makes it 5 straight regular season finale losses for the Fighting Irish and the 23rd out of the last 24 [...]

By | November 26th, 2017|Football|112 Comments

Stanford Preview

The Fighting Irish head to Palo Alto this Saturday with much on the line. Before we get into the deep stuff below, on the surface Notre Dame has lost its last 4 trips to Stanford which sucks really bad. The last time the Irish beat Stanford on the road the first edition of the iPhone [...]

By | November 23rd, 2017|Football|33 Comments

Five Wide Fullbacks: November Jobs Opening

You thought 5WF was completely out of your lives? Please don't ever think something like that would happen. We had to get one in during the football season before some juicy topics pass us by. To the questions we go. 1 Three high-profile jobs are open in Florida, Tennessee, and UCLA. Are the Gators easily [...]

By | November 22nd, 2017|Football|9 Comments

Top 11+2+3 Poll, You Were Bad & Week 13 Preview

Just one more week in the regular season and the rankings here at 18 Stripes remain as steady as they have all season. Thanks primarily to a large buffet of cupcakes but this weekend brings rivalries a'plenty for your viewing pleasure. Top 11 1 Alabama (E, 11-0, 56-0 W vs. Mercer) Poor, Mercer. 2 Oklahoma [...]

By | November 21st, 2017|Football|10 Comments

Navy Review: That’s So Middie

For a good long while it was shaping up to be a classic loss to Navy. The opponent was executing a time-sucking ball possession game perfectly. One good Notre Dame play was met with a momentum stopping positive play by Navy. Ball carriers were caught for little gain and wiggling free for positive yards. Previously [...]

By | November 19th, 2017|Football|75 Comments

Navy Preview

Notre Dame had started putting together another winning streak against Navy (5 straight) before messing things up and losing in Jacksonville (man, Florida hasn't been kind to us) last year. By the way, how bad was 2016 that the loss to Navy was probably only the 3rd most outrageous defeat of the season? Perhaps I'm [...]

By | November 16th, 2017|Football|19 Comments

Uniform Concept: Give Gold a Go

From late March until today we've made our way through 25 uniform concepts for Notre Dame football. Twenty-five! When we started I swore I'd never do a gold jersey concept out of principle. I'd rather see the Irish wear black, gray, or some other non-school color first. Then I saw THIS cover from Sports Illustrated [...]

By | November 16th, 2017|Football|8 Comments

Top 11+2+3 Poll, You Were Bad & Week 12 Preview

Wait, what happened last weekend? Did Notre Dame play? I thought we had a bye? How many of you have to deal with the pity from your friends? That's way worse than anyone rubbing it in, way worse. Oh well, onward and upward to another week my friends. Top 11 1 Alabama (+1, 10-0, 31-24 [...]

By | November 14th, 2017|Football|22 Comments

Uniform Concept: Tweaked Tradition

Today's post welcomes our 24th uniform concept for Notre Dame football. Only 1 out of our last 10 concepts have featured a navy blue jersey so let's get back to the traditional home uniform right now. To keep something old school we went back with TV numbers on the sleeves and a pretty basic jersey [...]

By | November 13th, 2017|Football|10 Comments