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Video Game Talk, Part 3: Some Day FIFA Will Improve Career Mode

Some day it'll happen and it will be glorious. In Part 1 of this series we discussed the now defunct NCAA Football franchise and if you've played that in the past, or it's professional counterpart Madden, you'll know game-maker EA Sports isn't in the business of knocking your socks off every year. When you look [...]

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The Top 12 Modern College Football Alternate Uniforms

I have descended the mountain after many hours of quarantine study of uniforms and I'm here to give the people what they want. Pure unadulterated alternate uniform judgement. There are several I wanted to give respect to before breaking into the top 12. Honorable Mention: Virginia 2018 Orange Jerseys The Cavaliers recent update is a [...]

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Notre Dame Football’s Opponents Ranked by Rivalry: Literally All of Them

Do you realize how many opponents Notre Dame football has faced since 1887? Well, if not you're going to find out today! Is it even possible to actually rank all of them according to rivalry and what kind of methodology would someone use to achieve such an absurd task? I have good news, I'm not [...]

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Video Game Talk, Part 2: Your Favorite Weird Childhood Games

I'm what they are now calling a Late Xennial, a micro generation from Generation X. Born in 1982, I can remember playing an Atari in 1986 and a Nintendo at friend's homes around the same time before my brother got his own NES for Christmas in 1988. Our family bought an Apple IIGS in 1987 [...]

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Video Game Talk, Part I: NCAA Football 2002 Set the Tone for College Football Fanatics

We all have our favorite versions of our favorite video games. Like many who are reading this right now if I had to take one video game to a deserted island it would definitely be NCAA Football. But, which version was the best? Bill Walsh College Football kicked the series off in June 1993, who [...]

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Notre Dame Spring Football: 13 Top Stories After the Opening Practice

Fighting Irish football won't be back on the field for nearly 2 weeks. Before they went into this godforsaken long break the media was able to witness one practice only in shells. In such situations very little can be learned from one isolated practice but here at 18 Stripes we make it our goal to [...]

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