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Atlanta native, Double Domer ('10/'12), and current Indianapolis resident. Writing mostly about advanced stats, since they're more informative than traditional ones, but the numbers are always the starting point - not the whole story.

How can Brandon Wimbush lead the ND offense?

This morning Irish Sports Daily broke the news that Ian Book will not play Saturday against Florida State. Brian Kelly will address the injury at his press conference today and likely provide additional details, but according to the ISD report Book "suffered multiple injuries to his midsection" in the Northwestern game, and a timetable for his [...]

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Advanced Stats Review: Virginia Tech

Notre Dame couldn't establish an efficiency advantage for the first time since Ian Book took over the offense, but countered with a Dexter Williams-led win in explosiveness. The Irish also continued their excellence limiting scoring opportunities to create a big advantage in points per scoring chance, with some thanks due to Justin Fuente and his [...]

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Advanced Stats Review: Vanderbilt

S&P+ gave Vanderbilt a 56% post-game win probability based on an advantage in yards per play, more scoring opportunities, and perceived poor turnover luck. An efficiency edge and slightly better performance converting scoring opportunities (even though it was ugly) saved Notre Dame is this one.  Confused? Check out this advanced stats glossary. Efficiency Vanderbilt’s defense is [...]

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2018 Preview: Notre Dame Opponent Offenses

Expectations are sky-high this fall for rookie defensive coordinator Clark Lea with a combination of talented and experienced returning starters. While there are a few outstanding questions - who will emerge at safety and to what level of performance, how Lea will handle game-planning and play-calling, how key position changes will play out - it [...]

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