The Saddest Sports Franchise Jersey Retirement Collections

Retiring jerseys in sports is an extremely funny thing. Some teams are quite stingy while other teams love handing out the honor like cheap candy. Some sports like football have to remain calm so they have enough numerals for a full roster while other sports like baseball tend to go all out. For that reason [...]

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Wins of the Kelly Era: The “I’m Glad I Made Time for That” Tier

Now we're finally getting somewhere! Some of these games had serious legacy ramifications for the Brian Kelly era and Notre Dame football as a whole. Part One and the bottom tier can be found here, while Part Two is here. Remember that the formula for this is [(Excitement at the time + Quality of Opponent) [...]

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The Best, Worst & Most Underrated Candy in America

It's candy time. It's time to indulge our sweet tooth and discuss the best, worst, and most underrated sugar sweets this country has to offer. It's a daunting task with seemingly endless options for praise and ridicule. To keep things relatively tight I limited myself mostly to candy bars and hard or soft candy that [...]

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Wins of the Kelly Era: The “Oh I Remember that One!” Tier

This is the next tier of wins for Brian Kelly at Notre Dame, where the competition is a little stiffer and the product on the field a little better.  Remember that the formula for this is [(Excitement at the time + Quality of Opponent) * Legacy]. All of these factors are graded on a scale [...]

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Wins of the Kelly Era: The “A Win is a Win” Tier

With the end of the 2019 football season, Notre Dame football wrapped up its tenth season under Brian Kelly's stewardship. Since 2010, Kelly has amassed a 92-37 record and a unique legacy with the Irish, being among the most successful coaches in ND football history yet still looking for the elusive national championship. This series [...]

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The Case for Utah as the Most Important ND Game of the Decade

Earlier this week, one of those RT-bait Tweets designed to promote response turned up in our Slack discussion. It was right in our wheelhouse. Here it is: Question of the day: Name your favorite game where your team won, but it didn't involve a championship of any kind AND didn't involve your biggest rival. *Bama [...]

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Lacrosse Seniors Project: Charlie Trense

We continue our celebration of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish lacrosse graduates with a chat with defenseman (and Atlantan) Charlie Trense! World events kept us from the chance to follow this team on its journey to a national championship, so ND-Atl 2.0  will instead use the time he would have spent writing previews and recaps [...]

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YouTube Uploads a Treasure Trove for ND Football Fans

In this time of uncertainty, we college football fans are probably spending more time than usual looking at the past. Part of this is opportunity - there's nothing but time on our hands, and for sports fans used to filling that time with games, there aren't any of those. Another is that plenty of folks [...]

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