Advanced Stats Preview: USC

Ahead of Saturday's battle for the Jeweled Shillelagh (anyone notice Brian Kelly is super into rivalry trophies lately?), how do the Trojans and Irish match up in each advanced stats category? Where is USC susceptible, and what should Notre Dame fans be worried about? USC Offense vs. Notre Dame Defense Immediately after the loss to [...]

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Advanced Stats Review: UNC

Checking out the advanced stats from Notre Dame at North Carolina: a dominant defensive performance, solid job by Ian Book as game manager, and a look at what's ailing the wide receivers. The Basics This wasn't a particularly pretty win, but thanks to a dominant defensive effort it never felt like an Irish victory was [...]

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#BookClub Meeting Adjourned: UNC Instant Reaction

Well, as we suspected most of the week, Notre Dame didn't send Brandon Wimbush out at QB this week with his foot injury that we somehow didn't know about until Tuesday. Instead, the Irish convened the (Ian) Book Club. And the results were pretty much in line with what we figured we'd see from the [...]

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The Quick and Dirty Notre Dame Hockey Preview

Last year was a good year that turned into a great one late for Notre Dame hockey, as they caught fire in the postseason and reached the Frozen Four in dramatic fashion before running into the Denver freight train in the semifinals. That was their last year in Hockey East, as the Irish officially began [...]

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Advanced Stats Review: Miami (OH)

Reviewing Notre Dame's cruise-control victory against the closer Miami: it's nice to have an offense whose floor includes often putting up nearly 50 points and rushing for 300 yards, and why there's a few reasons for caution before getting too optimistic about this Irish defense. The basics In a game that was never in doubt [...]

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Cruisin’: Miami (OH) Instant Reaction

When you schedule lower-tier foes like Miami (OH), you hope to put the game away early and get extended garbage time. Lots of playing time for younger players, and lots of opportunity to work on stuff you consider weak spots. Notre Dame did exactly that Saturday, crushing the first half and cruising to a 52-17 [...]

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Advanced Stats Review: Michigan State

When the post-game conversation centers around how high the performance ranked in the Brian Kelly era and debating the significance of a +3 turnover margin and garbage time yards, things went pretty well. Below we'll take a look at the advanced stats from Notre Dame's wire-to-wire win over Michigan State. The basics The “First Take”-style [...]

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No Complaints: MSU Instant Reaction

How often do you leave a Notre Dame game essentially without a complaint? My last time would have to be the 2015 season opener against Texas. Until tonight. A 38-18 road win over Michigan State will do that. Pretty much every concern ND fans had about this team was, if not solved, at least addressed. [...]

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Film Room Live: Secondary vs. Georgia

Our Film Room articles have always been one of our most popular features - I know I've learned a ton from the smart guys on here who actually know what they're talking about with this stuff. We're trying something new with the film room that we hope brings another perspective, something we're calling "Film Room [...]

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Advanced Stats Review: Boston College

Breaking down the classic "beat an opponent by 29 points, yet inspire a crisis of confidence in your fanbase" win over Boston College. What does Notre Dame's offensive identity look like through three games, and how might the Irish evolve if the passing game doesn't improve*? *It might just improve The Basics Saturday’s game was [...]

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Strange Days in Boston: BC Instant Reaction

Well into the third quarter, I had the epitaph for this Boston College game written in my head. "This could be the beginning of the Kelly Death March" know the drill. Instead, this one turned and became one of the stranger blowouts in ND history, 49-20. The Irish went over 500 yards rushing, setting a [...]

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Advanced Stats Review: Georgia

Recapping Notre Dame's tough loss to Georgia with an review of the advanced stats. In a fairly even contest, where did the Irish come up short? Bear with me for a quick trip into an alternate universe… Notre Dame finally reversed their streak of losses in close games, gutting out a tough 22-20 win over [...]

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Stuck in Purgatory: Georgia Instant Reaction

I frankly don't want to hear about 'good effort' from anyone regarding Notre Dame's 20-19 loss to Georgia today. Here are some reasons I don't want to hear about it: Brandon Wimbush should be better I don't want to pile on the quarterback, because there's so much more to any team than that, and he [...]

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Advanced Stats Review: Temple – Notre Dame

Recapping Notre Dame –Temple with advanced stats: a dominant rushing performance, some questions in the passing game, and an improving defense that showed flashes but needs more consistency. Introduction If you’ve been with us a few years, you’ll notice a few tweaks and changes for 2017. I’ll introduce them as they arrive, but as always [...]

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Well, Not a Bad Start: Temple Instant Reaction

If you are inclined to look at 2017 Notre Dame football as Year One of a reboot - and certainly Brian Kelly has done nothing to indicate it isn't - then consider the first checkpoint passed. Notre Dame easily dispatched Temple 49-16 Saturday in a game that was not free of nits to pick; but [...]

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