Duke Preview: Into the Devil’s Den in Durham

When Charlie Weis became Notre Dame head coach in late-2004, he hired David Cutcliffe as his first offensive coordinator. Cutcliffe had just been fired by Ole Miss after his only losing season in Oxford, a mistake the Rebels would come to regret. However, Cutcliffe suffered a heart attack just before fall camp in 2005 and [...]

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Charlie Weis’ Last Stand: Middies Torpedo Irish Dreams

The title says it all, doesn't it? Ten years ago this week, Notre Dame suffered a catastrophic loss at home to Navy. It marked the true beginning of the end for the Weis era. Previous Entries Preseason Nevada Michigan Michigan State Purdue Washington USC Boston College Washington State It Can't Happen Twice, Can it? On [...]

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Charlie Weis’ Last Stand: A First, and a Last

Last week, the Irish were lucky to escape at home against Boston College in their first victory over the Eagles since 2000. The Irish went on the road to play moribund Washington State the following week, but not in Pullman. Instead, this week marked the first ever Shamrock Series game, and the final victory of [...]

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Notre Dame Mens Golf Completes Historic Fall Season

In case you missed it, the Fighting Irish golf team is off to its best start ever. The previous post covered the team's history, players, and coach. This one will give you a introduction to college golf and cover the team's record breaking fall season. How Does College Golf Work? In case this is your [...]

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Charlie Weis’ Last Stand: The End of a Headache

Last week in this series, the Irish fell three yards short of potentially taking down 6th-ranked USC. It was Notre Dame's eighth straight loss to the Trojans, but this week Weis would get a chance to end a six-game skid to Boston College. The Unholy Decade I mentioned in the 2009 Michigan State recap that [...]

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Charlie Weis’ Last Stand: Trojans Hold Off Pesky Irish

Yes, that is a twist on the title of Eric's USC Review from this past weekend. I suppose it's fitting that ten years after the Irish nearly took down a top-10 USC team in South Bend, the Trojans nearly did the same to ND last Saturday. This week's edition of Charlie Weis' Last Stand will [...]

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Charlie Weis’ Last Stand: Peak Insanity?

Last week, Notre Dame survived against a scrappy Purdue team despite missing several key players. Ten years ago this week, the Irish played one of the zaniest games of the last 20 years against upstart Washington. A Sark Attack The 2008 Washington Huskies might have been the worst major conference team of the BCS era. [...]

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Charlie Weis’ Last Stand: The Crazy Train Makes a Stop at Purdue

Last week in this series, the famous Tate leap into the Michigan State band was documented as the Irish downed the Spartans. This week, Notre Dame traveled to West Lafayette to take on a team preparing for their Super Bowl. Hope Springs Eternal? 2008 was a horrid season for Purdue, as the team went 4-8 [...]

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Close Again, No Cigar Again: Georgia Instant Reaction

This one felt a little different. Not a lot different, but a little. I suppose that's an easy sentiment to dismiss. The ramblings of a biased Notre Dame fan. That's alright. I'm just telling you what I felt. Notre Dame lost another close call against a presumed elite team, basically a yearly ritual for this [...]

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