18 Stripes Film Room: Anatomy of a Touchdown

Two seasons ago Notre Dame and Michigan State combined to go 7-17 in hugely disappointing seasons for both programs. Last year both rebounded for combined 20-6 records each with their own double-digit win season and satisfying bowl victories. The Irish win in East Lansing this past September avenged what was a fairly pathetic effort against [...]

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18 Stripes Film Room: Tony Jones Jr. in the Spotlight

With the recent internet rumor of a suspension for Dexter Williams the Fighting Irish could be facing Michigan on September 1st without 4 out of its top 5 running backs from last year's roster. The lone man standing in the backfield is Tony Jones, Jr. a rising redshirt sophomore who finished 2017 with the 4th [...]

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18Stripes Film Breakdown – Winning Plays Versus Syracuse

I know there's a ton of recency bias in this statement, but Saturday's win in Syracuse had to be one of the top-5 most satisfying in the Brey era. Alstein did a great recap here, but I wanted to take a second to walk you through a few critical plays that tipped the scales in [...]

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2018 Recruiting: WR Braden Lenzy Signs With Notre Dame

Braden Lenzy returned to the fold when he signed with Notre Dame today, during the first-ever early signing window for football. Lenzy first committed to the Irish almost ten months ago, shortly after visiting for the first junior day of the 2018 cycle. He flipped to Oregon in June, reportedly due to confusion about how [...]

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Film Room: Notre Dame Playaction, Naked and Long

Last season, playaction passes were so insignificant that I actually forgot to tally that particular stat for my playcalling article. I have now tallied it and of the around 300 snaps I have charted just under 6% were playaction. This frequency will almost assuredly increase with Chip Long. Chip Long showed two different categories of playaction [...]

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Film Room: Pin And Pull

Last season, for whatever reason, Notre Dame did not threaten the perimeter much in running plays. The biggest “stretch” of the outside, in my opinion, was probably the “give” option of power-read or inverted-veer that was ran a fair bit. Things will be different this season for the Irish. Chip Long will be using a gap/zone [...]

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Film Room: A Blast From The Past: The G-Scheme

In 1988, a third year coach edged his team to a national championship led by a brutalizing rushing attack. He employed an option-based running attack with dynamic athletes at fullback, running-back, and especially the quarterback. He was blessed to have in his corner such talents as Bobby Daugherty, Kenneth Goldsmith, Richie Harris, and Patrick Baynes. [...]

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