A Journey Through the Lowest Attended Games of the Kelly Era

If there's football this fall one thing seems clear, there will be a giant asterisk for the season when it comes to attendance. Butts in seats has always been a contentious issue exacerbated by Notre Dame "officially" giving up on its decades-long sellout streak in 2019. It's guaranteed there will be no sellouts in 2020 [...]

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A Look Back at Notre Dame’s Top 5 Scoring Offenses

Good offense beats good defense, so they say. Since 1913 when Jesse Harper took over as head coach, Notre Dame has totaled 26 seasons in which the offense placed in the top 10 nationally in scoring. From that group, 12 teams didn't quite make top 5 including: 1914 (8th), 1923 (9th), 1924 (6th), 1930 (10th), [...]

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Wins of the Kelly Era: The “Oh I Remember that One!” Tier

This is the next tier of wins for Brian Kelly at Notre Dame, where the competition is a little stiffer and the product on the field a little better.  Remember that the formula for this is [(Excitement at the time + Quality of Opponent) * Legacy]. All of these factors are graded on a scale [...]

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Notre Dame Depth Chart: All of the Grad Transfers

The football updates are few and far between these days. Although things are trending in a much more positive direction for a college football season to take place in the fall (the Navy game has moved to Annapolis for the first time ever!) we're left waiting mostly on updates from recruiting and the transfer portal. [...]

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Wins of the Kelly Era: The “A Win is a Win” Tier

With the end of the 2019 football season, Notre Dame football wrapped up its tenth season under Brian Kelly's stewardship. Since 2010, Kelly has amassed a 92-37 record and a unique legacy with the Irish, being among the most successful coaches in ND football history yet still looking for the elusive national championship. This series [...]

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2019 Advanced Stats Review: Run Defense

Entering the 2019 season, the run defense was a primary concern for Notre Dame. Replacing Te'von Coney, Drue Tranquill, and Jerry Tillery was daunting, as each had been mainstays of strong units in 2017 and 2018 and rarely left the field. Depth charts at linebacker gave fans heart palpitations as players cross-trained and seemed to [...]

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The Top 12 Most Inexplicable Uniform Changes in NFL History

Why do NFL teams change their uniforms? From the current franchises Baltimore, Carolina, Chicago, Dallas, Green Bay, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Las Vegas (this feels weird to type), New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, and Washington have all kept a consistent aesthetic for a considerable amount of time. That's 13 teams so about 40% of the league. [...]

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The Case for Utah as the Most Important ND Game of the Decade

Earlier this week, one of those RT-bait Tweets designed to promote response turned up in our Slack discussion. It was right in our wheelhouse. Here it is: Question of the day: Name your favorite game where your team won, but it didn't involve a championship of any kind AND didn't involve your biggest rival. *Bama [...]

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The Greatest Skill Position Seasons in Notre Dame History

Who has put together the greatest seasons for a skilled position player in Notre Dame history? That's a quest we will unlock today with a handful of caveats. One, we're not going to include the quarterback position as most fans tend to know those great seasons already. Therefore, we'll only take a look at rushing [...]

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