Week 11 Win Probability Matrix Update

Credit to the Irish for rebounding with a huge win over a mid-level opponent - the mistakes that plagued them against Virginia Tech were largely eliminated against Duke, and accordingly the Duke game went the way the Virginia Tech game should've. That was the first truly stress-free performance for Notre Dame in five weeks, and [...]

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Notre Dame Football: Freshmen Redshirt Update

With just a handful of games remaining in the 2019 season (my goodness does every single college football year fly by or what?) we have a clear picture on the use of the current Notre Dame freshmen and how that will affect the roster shape in the next couple campaigns. As we'll discuss below, something [...]

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Duke Preview: Into the Devil’s Den in Durham

When Charlie Weis became Notre Dame head coach in late-2004, he hired David Cutcliffe as his first offensive coordinator. Cutcliffe had just been fired by Ole Miss after his only losing season in Oxford, a mistake the Rebels would come to regret. However, Cutcliffe suffered a heart attack just before fall camp in 2005 and [...]

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Playoff Big Board: Week 11

This is the first week for the official College Football Playoff committee rankings. Hey, SMU and Appalachian State have been cruising - let's discuss the probability that a Group of 5 team will finally make it into the playoff! The final two G5 undefeateds fell this weekend, so that was fun while it lasted. Possible [...]

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18S Top 20 Poll: The Calm Before the Storm

With 6 out of our top 11 experiencing idleness things were quiet in week 10. Not so much this weekend as a pair of games will feature undefeated teams sure to reset the national playoff picture. We're recapping the week that was before looking ahead to major events in Tuscaloosa and Minneapolis. This Week's Biggest [...]

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Advanced Stats Review: Virginia Tech

Notre Dame dominated the Hokies in the most important categories that decide games, but the Irish shot themselves in the foot in all of the less predictable and more random facets of the game. Turnovers and special teams blunders that cost valuable field position nearly led to a horrendous loss reminiscent of South Florida loss [...]

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Virginia Tech Review: The Home Winning Streak (Barely) Survives

It didn't need to be close but it was far too close for comfort on Saturday afternoon as Notre Dame escaped an upset attempt from Virginia Tech. With just a few minutes remaining, the Irish drove 18 plays for a game-winning touchdown in a matchup that featured several patented upset-special check marks along the way. [...]

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18S Top 20 Poll: The Shakeup Has Been Slow But Real

We are now down to seven Power 5 teams with unblemished records following Oklahoma's upset loss in the Little Apple. It took longer than usual to begin shaking up the top of the rankings but it's happening as we tumble towards another edition of the College Football Playoffs. But first, a recap of this past [...]

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Playoff Big Board: Week 10

Rough week, but there were in fact other games that happened and, if you're a fan of college football, other things worth tracking going forward. Our board will consist of all ranked undefeated teams and all ranked one-loss Power 5 teams - first from the AP poll, then from the committee rankings when they're available [...]

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Michigan Preview: Hunting Big, Smelly Weasels

From Wikipedia: The wolverine, Gulo gulo (gulo is Latin for "glutton") is the largest land-dwelling species of the family Mustelidae [the weasel family]... Like many other mustelids, it has potent anal scent glands used for marking territory and sexual signaling. The pungent odor has given rise to the nicknames "skunk bear" and "nasty cat”... Wolverines [...]

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