Your Amazing Throw

The temptation for this content today was to re-live the best throws from Notre Dame's quarterbacks in modern times. But how do you define best? For example, the game-winning pass by Brady Quinn against UCLA in 2006, that is probably the most memorable pass of Quinn's career and the one most fans remember the most [...]

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Notre Dame’s History on Sports Illustrated Covers

I still get Sports Illustrated delivered to my home. I don't know why, I don't know who's actually paying for it, although it seems SI is part of some other package subscription in my household and it will be perpetually sent into our mailbox and tossed into our magazine rack never to be read. Therein [...]

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Rebuilding Notre Dame: Many Years Later

Sometimes I will spend 90 minutes researching some obscure but fascinating stat that most people will skip over when reading an article. It adds ridiculous amounts of time to even the shortest articles. However, nothing I've done over the years took the drawn-out process of thinking more than the "Unofficial Guide to Rebuilding Notre Dame" [...]

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Evaluating 2017 and the best stretch of Notre Dame football since Holtz

To be honest, the 2017 version of Notre Dame football was set to go down as my all-time favorite up until kickoff at Hard Rock Stadium. It was the first time that Notre Dame looked the part of an undisputed national title contender since when, 1993? After they pummeled Penn State in 2006? Two years [...]

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Notre Dame’s Halo of Invincibility Obliterated: Rockne’s Last Game

Most remember Knute Rockne's last game--capping off a 19-0 run to end his career--as taking place in 1930 at Los Angeles Coliseum against USC in one of Notre Dame's most impressive victories in school history while bringing home the school's second consecutive National Championship. However, there was one final game that took place in December [...]

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NFL Draft 2019 Recap

Another edition of the NFL Draft is complete as the Shield took its show on the road to Nashville this year in another successful outdoor venue. Prepare yourselves for the 2020 Draft coming to Las Vegas, Nevada next year! Like most years, it was an up and down weekend for Notre Dame. Salary information is [...]

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2020 Recruiting: LS Alex Peitsch Commits to Notre Dame

Notre Dame gained its 8th member in the 2020 recruiting class today with the commitment of long snapper Alex Peitsch. The Washington DC native is highly, highly regarded at the position and joins a list of Notre Dame long snappers with impressive high school pedigrees. Committed! #FightingIrish — Alex Peitsch (@AlexPeitsch) April 24, 2019 [...]

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3 Reasons Why the Irish Offense Will (and Won’t) Dominate in 2019

Following a spring of positive development at a number of positions--and a returning quarterback (no jinx) well regarded across the country--the hype and expectations are growing considerably for the Notre Dame offense. As I've scanned the landscape I have witnessed certain words beginning to be tossed around, including "elite", "dominant", and "unstoppable." Before we dig [...]

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