Notre Dame Unveils the Most Underwhelming Throwback Uniform

Changing up your uniforms, even for one game, need not be complicated if you follow one rule: If you're going an alternate route dive in with vigor and if you're doing a throwback get it right with the correct era specifications. On Tuesday, the Fighting Irish debuted a 1988 throwback uniform to be worn on [...]

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Windows of Opportunity

Notre Dame has gone 22-4 over the last two seasons, a level of success that Irish fans haven't seen in a long time. That's very good, obviously, Clemson freight train status aside, and raises a couple of interesting questions: How long, exactly, is a long time? Where does this two-year stretch stand in the post-World [...]

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Fall Practice Report: Building the 2019 Depth Chart

Notre Dame held their first practice of fall camp on campus Saturday afternoon while allowing the media its 3rd viewing in less than a week. There will be a small glimpse of practice on Monday morning but the next full viewing will take place on Saturday, August 17th inside Notre Dame Stadium. We'll get to [...]

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Preseason Top 25 Players Ranking: The 18S Ballot

Unless you've been living under an internet-less rock, a terrific preseason tradition is the annual preseason ranking of Notre Dame's top 25 players at  Inside the Irish. Once again our 18 Stripes crew was invited to participate, and as in past years we submitted a group ballot, using some "wisdom of the crowd" or whatever [...]

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Predicting Yards Per Play Differential for 2019

The traditional stats such as passing yards and rushing attempts don't mean what they used to in the game of football. God forbid someone starts telling you how important time of possession is to winning. Never sleep on yards per play, though. It's one of my favorite old-school indicators of quality football, even without adjusting [...]

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SEC Preview: The Alabama Death Star is Pissed Off Now

The SEC didn't win the National Championship but once again crowned itself as the top football league in the country. Alabama remained Alabama, Georgia's rise under Kirby Smart continued, Kentucky had a once-in-a-generation season, new coaches at Florida and Mississippi State did well, LSU was squarely in the mix, while Missouri had a surprisingly solid [...]

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Pac-12 Preview: Still Waiting on a Turnaround

It's been dark times for the Pac-12 as the conference continues to suffer from an ongoing identity crisis, poor league leadership, and the failure of standards missed as one of the country's most fertile athletic regions struggles to establish itself as a dominant football conference. Let's go ahead and blame USC for a lot of [...]

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The Ramblers: Comparing the 2019 Road Slate to Notre Dame History

While Notre Dame lines up one of its more friendly home schedules in recent memory the program is also facing one of its more challenging road campaigns for 2019. National spotlight games against Georgia and Michigan await while the always tricky--and as of late never winnable--trip to Stanford concludes the regular season. How does the [...]

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