Kelly Fall Camp Presser, Plus Freshmen Specs

Monday at noon Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly met with the media for just under an hour to officially open the 2017 fall camp session and unofficially the 2017 season as a whole. The Irish will practice Tuesday from 12:30 to 3:50 with media in full attendance. Too bad it’s just in shorts and helmets.

Kelly’s presser was filled with the usual fluff but here’s the important information you need to know:

*Daniel Cage is officially off the roster for the 2017 season and will not play this year as he deals with knee surgery, but more importantly, concussion issues. They will reevaluate him at the end of the year to see if it’s feasible for him to come back for a 5th year in 2018.

*The NCAA recently briefed Notre Dame on the eligibility of Navy transfer Alohi Gilman and they expect a ruling to come very shortly. In the meantime, Gilman will be rotated in during practice like any new player who is learning the playbook for the first time.

*If you recall, during Notre Dame’s last game Jerry Tillery kicked a USC player in the head and stepped on another’s leg. He will not be facing a suspension but did complete counseling and community service this off-season.

*Rising junior kicker Justin Yoon rested during the spring dealing with some knee tendinitis issues. He’s had a great summer and is now healthy.

*Shaun Crawford, coming back from an Achilles tear, is fully cleared and ready to go. Although, it was added they might be a little careful with him during camp.

*As expected, defensive tackle Elijah Taylor won’t be fully ready for the start of camp. According to Kelly he’s 10 days to 2 weeks away from being ready which could turn into missing all of camp in reality.

Let’s get to what we’re really here for, though…


Quarterback, Avery Davis 5-11, 202 – Really short but a good amount of beef on that frame.

Running Back, C.J. Holmes 6-1, 208 – Gained an inch and 8 pounds after a shoulder separation in spring.

Wide Receiver, Michael Young 5-10, 190 – Loses an inch from his recruiting profile but gains decent weight.

Wide Receiver, Jafar Armstrong 6-0 3/4, 214 – A decent chunk of weight gain, this is one stocky dude.

Tight End, Brock Wright 6-4 1/2, 252 – Few extra pounds from spring.

Tight End, Cole Kmet 6-5 1/2, 256 – He looked skinny as a recruit which is scary what does he look like now?

Offensive Line, Dillan Gibbons 6-4, 294 – Solid size.

Offensive Line, Aaron Banks 6-5 3/4, 325 – Just 26 pounds away from being the largest guard in Irish history!

Offensive Line, Josh Lugg 6-6 7/8, 300 – They couldn’t give him that 6-7 height eh?

Offensive Line, Robert Hainsey 6-4 5/8, 290 – This is under-sized for a tackle, fascinated to see if he sticks there.

Defensive End, Jonathan MacCollister 6-3 1/4, 233 – A little bit smaller than his profile in high school.

Defensive End, Kofi Wardlow 6-2, 234 – An inch shorter than his profile but similar weight.

Defensive Tackle, Darnell Ewell 6-3, 321 – He was pretty put together at a reported 295 so this is crazy.

Ewell shows up at 321 pounds.

Defensive Tackle, Kurt Hinish 6-1 3/4, 298 – A little short but stout enough as a freshman.

Defensive Tackle, Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa 6-2 1/2, 293 – His weight was hilariously under-reported as a recruit.

Linebacker, David Adams 6-0 3/4, 234 – Pretty short but quality weight for a freshman.

Linebacker, Drew White 6-0 1/4, 227 – Pretty close to this profile in high school, except a bit shorter.

Linebacker, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah 6-1 1/2, 204 – Still pretty skinny but has a really long frame.

Safety, Isaiah Robertson 6-1 1/2, 208 – The exact same size as the spring.

Safety, Jordan Genmark Heath 6-0 3/4, 220 – Weird size, over an inch shorter than profile with 15 extra pounds.

Kicker, Jonathan Doerer 6-3, 193 – A full 5 inches taller than Yoon.

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Banks had already lost some weight, right? I thought people were impressed how he re-shaped himself his SR year.

Do we know that Ewell’s extra 25 pounds is good weight?

So Wardlow is just a 1 inch taller version of Adams? Did both Wardlow/MacCollister profile as SDEs? Seems like it might be a little while before they get there.

Brendan R

Wardlow actually does profile as a WDE – he’s extremely athletic, just not great football instincts right now so his reaction time wasn’t great. Here’s what Kelly said back on signing day:

“We think Kofi has some elite skills at the defensive end position where he can grow and develop. We really liked his athleticism and his size, really impressed with him in person… He reminded us of a young Romeo Okwara, not quite as long, but is actually thicker than [Okwara] is. He’s just a really young, raw, extremely athletic guy, a guy that we think can develop into a really nice edge player for us.”

He’s only been playing football for two years, so he’s way behind in recognition and all that stuff. But the physical tools are there.

MacCollister is a SDE all the way. I don’t know if he’ll actually develop physically, of course, but he has the frame to get bigger and he doesn’t have the athleticism to play on the weak side.


Interesting. Guessing it could be a few years. I don’t have super high hopes for MacCollister. But who knows.


That’s one tall kicker. Any chance we could use him as a dime CB as well?


Or 4th down QB?