Uniform Concept: 2017 Fall Catalog Collection II

Today we publish our 20th Notre Dame uniform concept. Like the previous concept we are taking some inspiration from the 2017 Under Armour Fall/Winter catalog. This time it’s a shorts and base layer outfit for [...]

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Top 11+2+3 Poll, You Were Bad & Week 8 Preview

Straight up massive carnage during Notre Dame's bye week finally brings our first week of true disagreement over the polls. Now the college football season has really begun! Oh, but hey Alabama is still atop [...]

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Making the Turn: Notre Dame’s Second Half Preview

Today we'll fire up a second half preview of Notre Dame opponents, as the Irish wipe copious amounts of delicious, delicious cheeseburger grease from their faces. We already took a look at how 2017 stacks [...]

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Uniform Concept: 2017 Fall Catalog Collection

Today we debut our 19th Notre Dame football uniform concept and I was shocked that you have to go all the way back to June 14th since our last green jersey offering. Well, let's rectify [...]

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Half Way Through the Heisman Race

Notre Dame was chilling out maxing relaxing all cool this weekend with a bye and half of their regular season completed. We have lots of football remaining across the country but the Heisman picture has [...]

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College Football Playoff Status Report

As the halfway point of the regular season approaches, how are contenders looking across conferences? Who are the current playoff favorites, and what teams could be spoilers in the November chaos? Introduction To simplify this [...]

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1st Annual Bye Week Cheeseburger Tournament

Well, if we're being honest, this is probably also the Last Annual Cheeseburger Tournament - it's not like rosters turn over every year. But hey, it's bye week, so let's have some fun! Most are [...]

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Making the Turn: The Numbers Halfway Through

The other day we revisited our preseason predictions to see how our and your expectations had held up halfway through the year. Today's we're going to dig into 2017 by the numbers, and more specifically, by [...]

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Scholarship Update & Mega Roster Review

Our last major update came in early June and since then a lot has happened with actual games being played, several roster moves, and plenty to discuss for the future. Let us not waste more [...]

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Making the Turn: Time to Revisit Our Predictions

Notre Dame, halfway through the 2017 season, has done almost as much as it could to erase the hideousness of 2016 from our collective consciousness. The visible and statistical difference between this year's team and [...]

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Top 11+3+2 Poll, You Were Bad & Week 7 Preview

The bulk of our rankings remained stable through week six with the exception of a pair of delicious upsets in Ann Arbor and Norman. This has caused a little bit of shifting but the top [...]

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North Carolina Review: Solid First Book Report

I was expecting a North Carolina team that, despite heavy injuries and numerous new starters from a year ago, to show up and play a tough game in front of their home crowd. You could [...]

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#BookClub Meeting Adjourned: UNC Instant Reaction

Well, as we suspected most of the week, Notre Dame didn't send Brandon Wimbush out at QB this week with his foot injury that we somehow didn't know about until Tuesday. Instead, the Irish convened [...]

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North Carolina Preview

For just the second time in 42 years the Fighting Irish will be invading Chapel Hill for a football game. During the 50's and 60's Notre Dame had a nice little rivalry with the Tar [...]

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Uniform Concept: Campus Blue

Today we debut our 18th uniform concept and we haven't returned to a blue uniform since late June. In this example I was trying to combine two concepts. One, an overall base that worked with [...]

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