Today we debut our 18th uniform concept and we haven’t returned to a blue uniform since late June. In this example I was trying to combine two concepts. One, an overall base that worked with Notre Dame’s traditional set up of gold helmet, blue jersey, and gold pants. Two, I wanted to try to mix in the blue/gold/green combination that we tried with our 13th concept “Irish Midnight.”

Also, I wanted to try something that is sometimes difficult to pull off–create a jersey that at first glance seems normal or traditional but up close or worn by someone sitting next to you it’s actually quite different.

On the sleeves the monogram colors are reversed from the modern traditional white bordered by gold. The logo is bordered by thin green and gold stripes, as well.

The numbers with the green slid inside the gold is one of my favorite touches.

On the bottom of the jersey we’ve always mimicked the current “God, Country, Notre Dame” tagline that is present on the current uniform. Instead, it is placed on a a gold and green striped background for more color. I think it’s a cool idea because it’s something a fan can showcase but it will be tucked in for the players on the field.