Film Room: Iso-Cam – Return of the Fullback

Chip Long came in talking about running the ball. But I was skeptical. After years of listening to Brian Kelly talk about emphasizing the run game and then seeing him abandon the run at the [...]

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Film Room: Notre Dame Playaction, Naked and Long

Last season, playaction passes were so insignificant that I actually forgot to tally that particular stat for my playcalling article. I have now tallied it and of the around 300 snaps I have charted just under [...]

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Film Room: Pin And Pull

Last season, for whatever reason, Notre Dame did not threaten the perimeter much in running plays. The biggest “stretch” of the outside, in my opinion, was probably the “give” option of power-read or inverted-veer that [...]

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Film Room: A Blast From The Past: The G-Scheme

In 1988, a third year coach edged his team to a national championship led by a brutalizing rushing attack. He employed an option-based running attack with dynamic athletes at fullback, running-back, and especially the quarterback. [...]

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Film Room: Decoding the RPOs… And The Option?

The topic of interest for most Irish fans is likely the Run Pass Option (RPO) of Chip Long. They are exciting: you can throw a 20 yard pass on a running play; but also divisive: there [...]

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The Chip Long ND Offense: Part 1 Intro

“So those will be some new things, but at the end of the day, we're not going to change the entire offense and teach a new system to this group.” - Brian Kelly in December. [...]

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18 Stripes Films: Iso Cam – Notre Dame vs. Elko

Remember in 2015 when Notre Dame played a scrappy Wake Forest team? At the time I didn’t pay much attention to the Demon Deacon defense. Of course now that Mike Elko is Notre Dame’s defensive [...]

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Lacrosse Playbook: Beating the pants off Michigan

Our 18Stripes colleagues do a fantastic job breaking down football film, so we figured we'd take a shot at explaining a few of the more interesting lacrosse plays fans will witness this season.  We will call [...]

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18 Stripes Films: Breaking Down the 5 Out Offense

From the second half of the UNC game onward, the Irish have found their stride on offense. In the last few games, Mike Brey has favored a lineup featuring Bonzie Colson has the lone big [...]

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Film Room: The Run & Shoot and a (Chip) Long Trap

Notre Dame recently hired Chip Long, the first-time playcaller from Memphis, to be the offensive coordinator for Notre Dame. Most speculated that the only reason that Notre Dame would force out Mike Denbrock is if [...]

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