Today brings us to our 10th Notre Dame football uniform concept and it began with a simple question: Why aren’t there more logos featuring a football? I had something in mind for the Irish but first let’s take a look at how odd this lack of footballs used by football teams is in the United States.

In the MLB there are 8 teams using a baseball in their logo, and of course the official MLB, American and National league logos all use a ball, too.

In the NBA there are 20 teams using a basketball in their logo.

In the NHL only 2 teams feature a puck in their logo but that’s understandable given the small size of the rubber disc.

In MLS there are 6 teams in a 23-team league featuring a soccer ball.

The NFL features only a pair of teams, the Jets and Buccaneers, who use a football in their logo. Of course, primary college logos wouldn’t feature a football. However, after looking through every Power 5 team’s history I found only 5 examples of a secondary logo featuring a football:

Arkansas 1966-70
Clemson 1970-79
Duke 1978-present
Washington State 1953-55
West Virginia 1970-79

So, one current Power 5 team today and it’s honestly one I’ve never seen before and I’m sure it’s very rarely used. The lack of football logos is pretty weird, huh?

In recent years the Notre Dame Wilson football has featured a colored leprechaun and College Football Playoff logo. Before that a shamrock was on the ball with the monogram inside.

Of course, that shamrock is so small as to render it invisible for a logo on a uniform. Therefore, we decided on a large green shamrock covering a larger portion of the ball. The results are pretty mixed. The football logo fits in really well on the shoulder sleeves and less so on the socks and helmet. The logo on the helmet is especially jarring at first although I’ve gotten used to it over time.

I think we’re finding out that football logos are tough to pull off!

The rest of the uniform features a Kelly Green that is one of my favorite colors. If I had my way this would be the official green for all Notre Dame athletic teams. We also included Chevron stripes at the base of the collar, on the back above the numbers, and at the bottom of the side pants. A plain white monogram adorns the right chest to add symmetry with the Chevron stripe and Under Armour logo.

BONUS: We created an alternate to this uniform featuring a deeper forest green with the chest monogram outlined as a patch. The biggest change was putting the football as a smaller sticker-like logo on the back side of the helmet. In some ways it would probably work well on the field but as a concept it combines with the ear-hole to look like a pair of eyes.