Opponent Program Draft: Round 1

Our draft is simple. There will be 4 of us picking 16 opponent teams total across 4 rounds. Selections are based on whatever criteria our writers want. You just have to make a case for picking an opponent and why you’d want to watch them play football for 2017.

Round 1, Pick 1, 1st Overall
Mike: Oklahoma State

The Pokes are going to be so much fun in 2017. Mason Rudolph will lead an incredible passing offense, and the defense won’t be good enough to prevent close games. The Cowboys are explosive and chuck it deep all the time, and opponents are forced to deal with it trying to keep up.

As usual the Big 12 will be conducive to a ton of shootouts, with most teams leaning pass-heavy and employing tempo. Oklahoma State is good enough that they could be a playoff dark horse, or at the very least ruin some rivals’ seasons. The schedule this season is also great, featuring Tulsa (another explosive offense), a trip to Pitt, and even a relatively compelling South Alabama team (you may remember the Jaguars upsetting Mississippi State last season).

Last but certainly not least, you have Mike Gundy and Mike Gundy’s Mullet. He’s easily a top-5 press conference coach right now without even saying a word, just turning from side to side to show off the majestic hair. Give me points, give me some decent stakes, and a mullet, and I’m a happy man following the Cowboys.

Last but not least:

Round 1, Pick 2, 2nd Overall
Eric: LSU

I am here for all of the Ed Orgeron moves to keep the weirdness of the Les Miles era in our minds. He should keep the former coach’s memory alive and well. I’m also interested in year two of Dave Aranda as defensive coordinator plus a very intriguing offensive coordinator in Matt Canada who somehow helped Pitt score a million points last year.

And yet, the QB play should be quintessential LSU: steady, probably not great, and keeps them from true greatness. Then again, I’m feeling some Ewing Theory vibes with the loss of Leonard Fournette being “replaced” by Derrius Guice who just happened to run for 1,387 at 7.58 per carry and should be a Heisman candidate.

Elsewhere, the Bayou Bengals have plenty to offer. At least a couple awesome night games in Death Valley. Passionate fans to say the least. A damn live Tiger. One of the best shots as anyone to play a classic game against Alabama and possibly topple the Crimson Tide. Those sweet purple uniforms which they should wear more often. They’re a worthy number 2 overall selection.

Round 1, Pick 3, 3rd Overall
Brendan: Clemson

It’s fun to pull for a winner, and Dabo Swinney is far and away the most likable guy on the list of recent national championship coaches – Saban is an emotionless automaton, and Meyer and Fisher are slimy con-men. I’m sure Dabo is no choirboy either, but the more I see of him the more I like him.

Pizza party? Love it. “Bring Yo’ Own Guts”? Fantastic. And man, he just wins, no matter how much he has to reload on either side of the ball. The ND fans who swoon over Harbaugh would do well to remember that Swinney has done more – a LOT more – at Clemson than Harbaugh has done at Stanford and Michigan, and he’s done it without coming off like a total nutjob/creep. Oh, and he’s 2-0 versus Meyer, while Coach Sleepover is 0-2.

Round 1, Pick 4, 4th Overall
Dan: Washington

I’ll go with Washington for the #4 pick. Chris Petersen has already turned them into a winner and Jake Browning is back for more. Gotta be a little concerned about recruiting classes in the 20s, but in Chris we trust. Miss USC across division this year and Oregon isn’t what they were so it feels like Stanford or Wash to the P12 title game.

They’re fun, esp on D, not super hateable and plus we get to root against USC and Stanford by rooting for the Huskies. Big bonus there.

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Coach Sleepover…..cracked me up Eric, love it