The lacrosse world has been buzzing over the report that Ryder Garnsey is ineligible to play this season.  We have no news to add to this report, and of this writing, the University and team have not verified the news.

We write today only to remind everyone that regardless of his eligibility to play, Ryder Garnsey is a valued member of our Notre Dame community.  We wish him success and hope that whatever his academic situation, that he will see his Notre Dame undergraduate experience to its conclusion and leave with his degree and the opportunities it gives.  This is our sincere hope for him.

Ryder is one of the most electric players to have performed at Arlotta and a worthy successor to the #50 of Matt Kavanagh.  It is a pleasure to watch him play in the Notre Dame uniform for whatever time he was and is allowed to wear it.  What he has added to Notre Dame lacrosse won’t easily be forgotten.