Advanced Stats Deep Dive: Clemson Offense vs. ND Defense

They've been great on paper, but they haven't faced a top-10 opponent like this in 2018. That statement applies to both the Clemson offense and Notre Dame defense, as both will raise the difficult setting considerably in the Cotton Bowl. Why Clemson's efficiency is underrated and will test Clark Lea's "bend but don't break" defense, [...]

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Advanced Stats Review: Virginia Tech

Notre Dame couldn't establish an efficiency advantage for the first time since Ian Book took over the offense, but countered with a Dexter Williams-led win in explosiveness. The Irish also continued their excellence limiting scoring opportunities to create a big advantage in points per scoring chance, with some thanks due to Justin Fuente and his [...]

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2018 Preview: Notre Dame Opponent Offenses

Expectations are sky-high this fall for rookie defensive coordinator Clark Lea with a combination of talented and experienced returning starters. While there are a few outstanding questions - who will emerge at safety and to what level of performance, how Lea will handle game-planning and play-calling, how key position changes will play out - it [...]

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Early Preseason Opponent Rankings, Part I

In part one of a three-post series, let's take a look at Notre Dame's 2018 opponents ranked by their preseason S&P+ ratings. Beginning with the toughest five games on the schedule, what elements are driving these preseason ratings, in a positive or a negative direction, for each team? How does each team look in terms [...]

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