Film Room: Iso-Cam – Return of the Fullback

Chip Long came in talking about running the ball. But I was skeptical. After years of listening to Brian Kelly talk about emphasizing the run game and then seeing him abandon the run at the first sign of an extra defender approaching the line of scrimmage, I’ve learned to ignore the rhetoric and see what [...]

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Film Room: A Blast From The Past: The G-Scheme

In 1988, a third year coach edged his team to a national championship led by a brutalizing rushing attack. He employed an option-based running attack with dynamic athletes at fullback, running-back, and especially the quarterback. He was blessed to have in his corner such talents as Bobby Daugherty, Kenneth Goldsmith, Richie Harris, and Patrick Baynes. [...]

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Film Room: Notre Dame Gets a Bingo

For large portions of the year the offensive play calling for Notre Dame has been inconsistent and at times downright puzzling. It’s difficult to pick out a unifying concept or a core philosophy in the way that the Irish call plays. In fact, one could almost envision the Notre Dame play calling process to be [...]

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Film Room: The Jet Sweep

Brian Kelly this season has ran more of a "smash mouth" spread (regarding the running game), preferring to run downhill as much as possible through use of inside zone and power plays. This is likely because Notre Dame has struggled with the length of blocks that outside runs require more of. As a perimeter threat, [...]

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Film Room: The Speed Option

What if I told you a play scored a touchdown on 60% of the times its ran? Now what if I told you that it required very little practice time, was easy to run, showed a new look to the defense, and stretched the defense in a way most of Notre Dame’s other plays don’t? [...]

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Film Room: The Split Zone & Run Pass Option

This is my first ever football breakdown or blogpost and I’m excited to have joined 18stripes. I’ve been an x and o's junkie for years, so I hope this turns out well. I have made condensed cutups of Notre Dame games in the past and you can view some of my video work at [...]

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Film Room: Notre Dame Defense in Turmoil

I have to admit, I’m actually not a huge proponent of the “Brian VanGorder’s scheme is too complicated” theory to explain the struggles of the Notre Dame defense. In fact, my plan for this post was to look at fundamentals and pay very little attention to scheme. However, as I re-watched the game, by the [...]

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