Five Wide Fullbacks: Killing Time for the Playoffs

Welcome back to another edition of the internet's favorite question and answer article. Today we will tackle conference realignment, Irish recruiting, Brian Kelly in big games, draft stocks, and Brian VanGorder briefly leaving then coming right back to our lives again. 1) After laying dormant for a while the old conference realignment bug is beginning [...]

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5WF: Redshirt Rule, Roberston Leaves, Cal, Freshmen Numbers & More

The latest edition of Five Wide Fullbacks arrives discussing the new redshirt rules, Demetris Robertson, ESPN's take on the most underrated players, new digits for freshmen, and updates from the World Cup. 1 The NCAA continues its modern changes by creating a new redshirt rule whereby players are allowed action in any 4 games during [...]

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Five Wide Fullbacks: Sports Betting Goes Wild

Welcome to another edition of America's greatest 5-pack of questions and answers. Today we'll be pondering the most recent SCOTUS decision, Notre Dame players in the 2019 NFL Draft, the possible underachieving Irish players, the future of LeBron James, and the best bets following the NBA Draft Lottery. 1 The Supreme Court recently overturned the [...]

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Five Wide Fullbacks: The Winter Olympics Edition

The latest edition of 5WF contemplates the lack of hype around the upcoming Olympics, why Alex Trebek is an absolute treasure, and Super Bowl prop bets. 1 The XXIII edition of the Winter Olympics kicks off in one week. Where are we with the far less popular Winter Games compared to its more famous Summer [...]

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Five Wide Fullbacks: Coaching Jobs Filling Fast

Welcome back to the latest edition of Five Wide Fullbacks! Today we will discuss the shrinking of Notre Dame's recruiting class, ranking the new college football coaching hires, the best under-the-radar bowl teams, misconceptions about the Irish, and updates to the infamous Top 75 Losses in Notre Dame History. 1 Notre Dame lost a commit [...]

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Five Wide Fullbacks: Boring Spring Football Edition

Welcome to another edition of 5WF. 1. Notre Dame is currently going through perhaps the most boring spring football of our lifetime. Is there something the school can do to add some buzz to this time of year? Should they be concerned with making improvements? This is a tough call. We football fans are enormously [...]

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