Today’s post welcomes our 24th uniform concept for Notre Dame football. Only 1 out of our last 10 concepts have featured a navy blue jersey so let’s get back to the traditional home uniform right now.

To keep something old school we went back with TV numbers on the sleeves and a pretty basic jersey overall. A green shamrock adorns the bottom of the collar–can you believe it’s been 14 seasons since an Irish jersey had this nice little touch? I wish Under Armour would bring it back.

Like last week’s concept this one also has a striping pattern down the flanks, this time gold and white.

In order to make the uniform a little different white pants were chosen with pretty standard elements. The bottom is rounded out by an all-blue sock and lone green shamrock.

The helmet is the more dull gold of yesteryear both to provide a little bit of a throwback feel but also to allow the white monogram outlined in blue some better relief.

As pointed out by CW, this one does look a little like the modern-day Pitt uniforms when they’ve worn white pants. They’ve rarely gone with this look but did so during our game against them in 2015 at Heinz Field.