A few scattered thoughts after ND no-showed in a big game for approximately the millionth time in the last 23 years (and yes, I posted it with 8 minutes left, because who cares):

– Josh Adams and Brandon Wimbush were probably not healthy all week.

– The #FireKelly brigade is going to be back, telling us all about how Notre Dame never plays up when it truly matters, how ND has a ceiling as long as this guy is the coach, all that same stuff. And I don’t have much to rebut them with.

– The ‘ND has a ceiling as a program’ brigade is going to be back, telling us all about how Notre Dame can’t hope to compete while trying to have academic standards, that we should just hide and join the ACC and cash in our chips. They’re wrong, but I don’t have anything to rebut them with either.

– You just knew with all the attention that stupid-ass turnover chain got that it was going to be a thing. Never mind the fact that ND never turns it over; of course it was going to be a thing so it could get shoved in this fan base’s face just like every other stupid thing.

– Watch Miami turn around and lose to Virginia or Pitt. It would be so ND to draw Miami’s A+++ game and watch them flub it up the following week.

– Unless ND pulls this crap again vs. Navy or Stanford, they’ll still go to a New Year’s 6 bowl. Fingers crossed to not play another team of NFL stars again.